How Do I Earn Sealbearer?

Sealbearers are seniors who have earned the highest recognition from West High's chapter of the California Scholarship Federation. 

A CSF member becomes a Sealbearer with four semesters of membership in CSF, one of which must be using senior year’s grades. These semesters are determined only from the second semester of sophomore year through the second semester of senior year. Although freshman grades do not count toward the sealbearer award, freshmen are strongly encouraged to join at the start of second semester.

Sealbearers receive special distinction with a CSF pin and seal on their diploma. In addition, members who have at least two semesters of active membership among the four required to be a Sealbearer are designated as "Active Sealbearers," and receive a golden cord and tassel to wear at graduation. To earn active membership, members must accumulate 40 volunteer points over the course of a semester.


*Sealbearer Requirements:

  • 4 semesters of membership
  • Semesters be between 2nd semester sophomore year to 2nd semester senior year
  • One semester must use senior year grades

*Chord and Tassel Requirements (Active Sealbearer Requirements)

  •  Must fulfill the aforementioned sealbearer requirements
  • In addition, must have at least 2 semesters of active membership (40 points)


The Sealbearer Reception

Video courtesy of This Week in Torrance and Torrance CitiCable.