Why tutor?

Tutoring is a great way to earn points toward active membership on your own time while gaining valuable work inroads and experience.  


  • Earn up to 35 volunteer points with tutoring

  • Tutoring schedule is flexible and works on your own time

    • 1 hour of tutoring = 5 points

  • A special surprise for active tutors each semester ;-)

NOTICE: CSF Tutors -- You must be assigned a tutor by Eesha in order to get tutoring points! If a parent personally asks you to tutor a student, have the parent email Ms. Hecht.


  • Contact VP of Tutoring, Eesha Sachdev: eesha.sachdev@gmail.com or (310) 748-2995‬.

**Please put the NAME of the JR. TUTORING COORDINATOR that has been contacting you throughout the semester by your name on the Tutoring Log. Thank you for tutoring!