Meet the Team behind the Largest Club at West

Who are we?

CSF Board is made up of 13 board members and 2 faculty advisors committed to delivering the best community service experience to our 350 members. During 1st semester of 2016-2017, CSF Board planned over 100 individual volunteer events, totaling over 2000 hours of service. In addition, the tutoring program (operated by 6 board members) provided academic support to 50 middle and elementary school students throughout West Torrance. 

Board members are selected every Spring through election and interview. 

What do we do?

The Board is responsible for every facet of the club including:

  • Meetings
  • Volunteer events
  • Tutoring
  • Membership
  • Sealbearer
  • Fundraisers
  • Publicity
  • This website!

How can you contact us?

CSF Board meets every Tuesday at lunch in 4108. But you can talk to us right here, right now.


Nick Hirano: President

Favorite CSF event: The Sealbearer Reception! We get to recognize 4 years of great work on the part of our seniors in service to the community. Plus, you'll never eat better desserts at West High than at Sealbearer.

How Will You Be Helping the Members?  I'm going to be helping members get the most out of their time with us, whether at meetings or at events. I'm aiming to make this club more accessible than ever, especially through our amazing new website. But accessibility starts on a personal level, so if you have any questions about anything CSF-related, feel free to ask me at meetings or even around West. I'll be happy to help you!

Future AmbitionsI want to work in either journalism, marketing, or a related business field. There are half a dozen similar volunteer clubs at West competing for your time, energy, and interest -- so I run CSF like a business. I'm always in search of ways to innovate this club to make your experience with us more convenient, and of course, more fun. 

Favorite TV Show Too many to choose just one. You can't go wrong with House of Cards on Netflix. Kevin Spacey's character always speaks to me (stupid joke if you've seen the show). Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on CNN is great too -- interesting perspective on culture/history/food. But my go-to will always be The Office -- so much poignance and hilarity in the most cringe-worthy situations.


Samantha Lao: VP of Admin.

Favorite CSF event: South Bay Dancing with the Stars. It combines both dance and charity! We get to work backstage, pass out awards, count tickets and watch the stars dance for their charity. 

How Will You Be Helping the Members?  As Vice President of Administration, I'll be creating the agendas, sign-in sheets and making sure CSF runs smoothly!

Future AmbitionsI plan to become a mechanical engineer. This career will allow me to be innovative, creative and delve deeper into my interest in science.

Favorite TV showCutthroat Kitchen! Who doesn't like a good cooking show? Not to mention that the sabotages for the contestants are ridiculous and hilarious!

Derek Morimoto: VP of Tutoring

Favorite CSF event: My favorite CSF event is volunteering at Trash 4 Teaching. Trash 4 Teaching is a non-profit organization that collects recyclable materials others may view as trash and use them to support STEM education. Our members have the opportunity to help sort, package, and seal many of the items they ship out to schools throughout California. We also had the opportunity to help at their occasional birthday parties where we helped run different activities with the little kids. We enjoy volunteering with this organization because we are amazed by all the cool and inventive ways these thrown away wastes can be transformed into something new. To them, nothing is viewed as trash, rather, a resource that can be used to fuel STEM education in children, while saving the environment at the same time.

How Will You Be Helping the Members? I am this year's Vice President of Tutoring and run our club's tutoring program. CSF's motto is "Scholarship for Service" and I want to allow all of our members have the opportunity to tutor elementary school students and help them in various subjects. I want to ensure that every elementary student has the best tutor they can get and benefit from our awesome program.

Future Ambitions: I want to pursue my goal of becoming an environmental engineer. Ever since I can remember, I always enjoyed building things. I remember my mom needing another trash can for our house, so I built a Domo character trash can out of an old shoe box by cutting a hole to represent its mouth which served as the opening to throw trash into. In addition to my passion for building useful things, I also enjoy watching National Geographic documentaries with my dad. I am always amazed by the various intriguing plants and animals that inhabit our planet, and I want to help preserve these species. My desire to build practical contraptions and passion for maintaining a sustainable society led me to the environmental engineering career.

Favorite TV Show: My favorite TV show is The Amazing Race. I would always watch it with my mom and she would always say, "Let's do this one day." But, I would always say, "No, you would just slow me down." I always enjoyed watching the contestants travelling the world and performing difficult tasks. One day I hope to travel the world and see all the wonders that it has to offer. 


Amanda Guan: Treasurer

Favorite CSF event:  My favorite event is the Henderson Library Craft--it's fun working with the kids and I usually get something to take home too. 

How Will You Be Helping the Members? I'll be handling fundraisers and all things money! 

Future AmbitionsI'm planning on being a materials engineer because I love all things science and all things detailed.

Favorite TV show:  Woah, favorite tv show is hard since I watch SO many. I like Parks and Rec, The Office, Bob's Burgers--hard to pick a favorite but I like the humor in them.

Kelly Lam: Secretary

Favorite CSF event: Lovejoy Dog Adoption. I love to spend time with animals, especially dogs.

How Will You Be Helping the Members? I will be helping members this year by organizing, keeping track of, and recording their points.

Future Ambitions: My future career goal is to be a pediatrician because I really enjoy being around kids and helping them when they are in need.

Favorite TV Show:  Running Man. It's very funny and entertaining, and always cheers me up when I'm sad.


Sarah Wu: Junior Tutoring Coordinator

Favorite CSF eventI love tutoring because it's an easy and fun way to help people, get to know them better, and serve the community.

How Will You Be Helping the Members? I'll be helping provide volunteering opportunities for our members by organizing events and coordinating tutors.

Future Ambitions: I'm not set on any specific career at this point, so I'm trying explore as many different fields of work as I can.

Favorite TV Show: I like watching MasterChef because it's really entertaining to listen to Gordon Ramsay.


Sebastian Bonilla: Junior Tutoring Coordinator

Favorite CSF event: Conquer Our Run: I love this event because seeing people wake up early to run for their purpose is so inspirational and being their to motivate them for the hard effort is something i love to do.

How Will You Be Helping the Members? This year ill be helping members by offering various volunteer opportunity giving them the chance to help in their community in mulitple ways. As well as encouraging members to tutor in order to see the meaning of our motto: Scholarship for Service.

Future Ambitions: I'd love to become either an engineer or architect, because both involve math which is my favorite subject. Using either career, I'd love to build and fix houses most likely, so if your future house needs some remodeling, don't be afraid to call me :).

Favorite TV Show: I dont have a favorite show, but I love watching Youtube and my favorites are WongFu. Their videos are well produced and sometimes super relatable. Their Youtube Red series Single By 30 is awesome and a must watch!!!


Manas Jinka: Junior Tutoring Coordinator

Favorite CSF eventVictor Teacher Aid. I like to meet my previous teachers at Victor. A lot of the teachers I help were teachers that I previously had, so its fun to see them as a high schooler now vs a little kid back then. The event just brings back a lot of my experiences I had in elementary school.

How Will You Be Helping the Members? I will be helping out with the tutoring aspect of CSF so that our members can share their knowledge of a variety of subjects with middle school and elementary kids.

Future Ambitions: I'm currently interested in a medical related career. A lot of my relatives are doctors, so my experience observing them interests me to pursue a similar career pathway.

Favorite TV Show: I don't watch a lot of TV shows. I usually watch NBA basketball, especially during playoff season. The only TV show I enjoy is Arrow because of the flashbacks and intense action in every episode.

Brandon Irie: Junior Tutoring Coordinator

Favorite CSF Event: The event I cherish the most in CSF has been the YMCA Child Care Training events. At the event, volunteers help kids become more extroverted by finding more friends through different activities that volunteers and the YMCA workers host. From all of the “Frozen” lip sync battles, Lego tower contests, and even from the hundreds of dodge balls thrown at my head, I’ve grown to love the kids that come and finding myself learning more about the responsibilities of being a role model. When I was a kid, I was an introvert and had trouble making friends easily, so finding new ways to allow kids to “break their shell”, makes this event very special and is the reason why I enjoy it so much.  

How Will You Be Helping the Members? I will be helping out members this year by finding them tutoring opportunities with our VP of Tutoring, Derek. I also will have a number of local events that I will be chairing each month to help you find great volunteering events that are close by!

Future Ambitions: My future career goal is in the field of biology and hopefully involved with children. Being in CSF and many other volunteering programs outside of school, I have become more passionate about helping others, and through science and technology, I hope to pursue these goals and ambitions.

 Favorite TV Show: The show I go to every Wednesday nights for laughs is Modern Family. Like the Dunphy family in the show, my family is crazy and full of different personalities that makes us go on insane adventures. But what makes the show special is that my whole family watches every episode together, so I get a nostalgic feeling when I come across the show. Despite differences within our family, it’s the one event that can bring us together in one setting every week and can make all of us engaged at the same time.

photo of me.jpg

Anthony Tran: Junior Tutoring Coordinator

Favorite CSF Event: My favorite csf events are the Anza Carnival ones because you get to socialize with the other volunteers the most, interact with the kids, and the parents always so cheerful and thankful. I get so much out of it especially when I leave the event a bit tired and sweaty. This is how I know that I am focused on what I'm doing and having so much fun that I forget how much effort I'm putting in to helping.

How Will You Be Helping the Members? I would be helping the members this year by showing them how volunteering offers more than just another nice thing to put on a college application. It's an outlet from school to help kids and people in general, to show members different parts of the community that might be new to them, and to just have fun, hopefully while making new friends.

Future Ambitions: My career goal is to become a pediatrician. This is not just because my parents want me to, but I've known that I've wanted to be a doctor ever since the third grade. The idea of helping people everyday, taking care of my own children,  being in charge of my own life, etc., all just excites me. But an overarching reason that I have to become a doctor is that I've always been overweight for multiple other reasons. It's made me feel insecure and cautious which affects how I would like to interact with others. It has gotten better as time went on, but I don't want other children to experience what I have.

Favorite TV Show: Steven Universe. I like the lessons the plot gives, the geeky sci-fi element with the morphing gems, and the music that ties the episodes together.


Zach Luis: ICC Rep.

Favorite CSF event: The Redondo Beach Triathlon. We get to help the energized and goal-oriented triathletes and promote a good spirit in everyone. The organizers are nice and we get free food, shirts, and other stuff.

How Will You Be Helping the Members? I plan to help this year's members not only get involved in making a difference in the community, but also enjoy it because volunteering can be really amazing and fun when we all take it to heart and have a good time.

Future Ambitions: My future career goal is to become a mathematician and then later on in life become a teacher with possibility of becoming a writer in between. I have a passion for writing and math because math allows me to express creativity in application and writing allows me to demonstrate my emotions, knowledge, and perception on everyday issues. I want to teach later on in my life because through years of observation of teachers, I like to educate the next generation and be able to inspire and teach them about subjects, but also life.

Favorite TV show: I don't have a favorite tv show because I am a more movie kind of guy. Titanic and Breakfast Club are among my favorites because they show the drama and real life issues that impede our everyday lives with powerful messages and examples.

Shashank Coorapati: Tech Coordinator

Favorite CSF event: South Bay Talent Show. We got VIP access, ate Thai food, worked backstage, got to watch the whole show, worked the snack bar, and even passed out awards on stage! It was extremely fun for everyone as we saw so many talented people.

How Will You Be Helping the Members? As Tech Coordinator, I will be in charge of making all the social media flyers and designs as well as improving and updating our outstanding new website:

Future Ambitions: My future career goal is to hopefully go to med school and become a successful doctor of some sort. I have always been the kind of person who likes to help people and have always been curious about the medical field. 

Favorite TV Show: My favorite TV show is Friends because it’s such a classic and whenever I am distressed or sad or happy or mad, this show always knows how to make me smile!

Jinny Kim: Spirit Publicist

Favorite CSF event: Lovejoy Dog Adoption. I was able to do a small thing to help different types of dogs and make them happy. i wasn't allowed to raise any dogs or cats when growing up so it was really memorable for me .

How Will You Be Helping the Members? I will help our by encouraging each member individually to make sure nobody falls behind and give them opportunities to interact with different types of people and step out of their comfort zone.

Future Ambitions: My future career goal is an oral surgeon because I've always wanted to be a surgeon for they have many financial benefits and is less risky compared to a general surgeon (plus human anatomy is interesting), and many members of my family have become dentists.

Favorite TV Show: My favorite tv show is Friends because it always makes me crack up and isn't as dramatic as other shows.