Meet the Team behind the Largest Club at West

Who are we?

CSF Board is made up of 13 board members and 2 faculty advisors committed to delivering the best community service experience to our 350 members. During 1st semester and 2nd semester of 2016-2017, CSF Board planned over 200 individual volunteer events, totaling over 4000 hours of service. In addition, the tutoring program (operated by 6 board members) provided academic support to 50 middle and elementary school students throughout West Torrance. 

Board members are selected every Spring through election and interview. 

What do we do?

The Board is responsible for every facet of the club including:

  • Meetings
  • Volunteer events
  • Tutoring
  • Membership
  • Sealbearer
  • Fundraisers
  • Publicity
  • This website!

How can you contact us?

CSF Board meets every Tuesday at lunch in 5221. But you can talk to us right here, right now.

Brandon Irie: President


Favorite CSF event: South Bay Dancing with the Stars has been my favorite CSF event for the past three years. The event is a live show themed to the ABC television show, Dancing with the Stars. Instead of celebrity contestants, public service workers from Torrance (such as firefighters, police officers, etc.) compete for local charities. CSF members volunteering at this event are in charge of selling tickets and votes, managing the snack bar, and working backstage to escort performers to the stage. At the end of the show, we pass onstage the "mirrorball" trophy to the winners of the show. This event is truly a memorable, interactive experience and I hope to return next year. 

What Motivates You as a Volunteer? My grandfather has always been my inspiration to volunteer. His sacrifice during and after World War II with the Japanese-American community has taught my family the importance of helping others without expecting a reward in return. When I joined CSF, I really learned how to enjoy myself through volunteering, thanks to the high-quality, variety of events that are offered. Finding events that I've been passionate towards has helped me grow relationships with different volunteering organizations, that I hope to expand upon in the future.

Favorite Movie:  There's too many to choose one. But over the summer, I watched an amazing movie called Baby Driver. It's action-packed and emotional, but also has a great 90's soundtrack and the hilarious Kevin Spacey as the villain. 10/10 would recommend! 

Fun Fact: I cannot handle spice (I'm Japanese!!!). So please don't challenge me to any spicy noodle challenges in the future. 

Sebastian Bonilla: VP of Admin.


Favorite CSF event:  My favortie event is Conquer Our Run because I enjoy seeing people wake up early to run for their purpose is so inspirational and being there to motivate them for the hard effort is something I love to do!

What Motivates You as a Leader?  As a volunteer, I'm motivated to help my community in any way possible whether by tutoring or community service. Being able to contribute to my community by either helping with marathons, school fairs, or teaching kids and seeing the positive impact shows me that i make a difference. Just knowing that I can make a difference and being beneficial to my community motivates me to continue volunteering whenever it's possible.

Favorite Movie: When I was in middle school i absolutely hated boba and would always just get the tea and no boba. However towards freshman year i started to like it again and would slowly try different boba teas. It has become an addiction to where i get boba every week and get the largest size possible. Also, since I like boba so much I mostly got to Gardena to get the good boba.

Fun Fact: When it comes to movies, TV shows or music, I don't really have one that is my ultimate favorite but if i were to pick a movie it would be Spy. This movie is both action and comedy and stars Melissa McCarthy who is great for making me laugh. This movie includes great comedy and a detailed story. I've watched this movie a great amount of times and can't get sick of it!

Manas Jinka: VP of Tutoring


Favorite CSF event My favorite CSF event is Victor Aid. A lot of the teachers I help were teachers that I previously had, so it's good to see them as a high schooler now vs a kid back in elementary school.

What Motivates You as a Volunteer?  Knowing that I have an ability to directly help people in the community motivates me as a volunteer. It's sometimes easy to overlook, but the work many of the CSF volunteers do helps strengthen the community. I think that's something we should always remember when volunteering.

Favorite Movie:  My favorite movie is Inception. The plot was extremely interesting and the concept of a dream within a dream was really intriguing!

Fun FactI'm the only one in my extended family to have green eyes.

Brandon Hong: Treasurer


Favorite CSF event: My favorite Csf event is conquer our run. We get to watch people run for a certain cause. It is truly inspirational to see how dedicated the runners are.

What Motivates You as a Volunteer? I like the feeling of helping others. The gratitude that i receive motivates me to volunteer.

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is the avengers. Who doesn't like a good superhero movie? It is action packed and has some of my favorite superheroes from marvel.

Fun Fact: I can't do homework or study for tests without music or YouTube playing in the background.

Shirley Xiao: Secretary


Favorite CSF event: Tutoring! Taking a few hours out of my day to meet up with my tutee was something I looked forward to every week. I was able to strengthen her understanding of fundamental math concepts (and sometimes even my own), and I also got to know a super cool middle schooler.

What Motivates You as a Volunteer? As volunteers, we always leave things better than we found them. I am motivated by knowing that I have the ability to help out the community and make things easier for everyone involved.

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is Spirited Away. The score, the art, and the story are all so beautiful, and I can never watch it too many times.

Fun Fact: I dislike all chocolate except dark. I also like pineapple on pizza.

Sarah Wu: Junior Tutoring Coordinator


Favorite CSF event:I love volunteering at the JCI for Kodomo no Hi (Children's Day). It's a really sweet event where we help kids as they celebrate the holiday by creating paper-crafted Koinobori, playing games, and eating snacks. It's amazing to see how happy and excited each of the kids are during the event!

What Motivates You as a Volunteer? Volunteering is not always easy; waking up early in the morning to help out at 5k runs or working outside in the cold takes dedication. However, it's extremely rewarding to see the people in the community who are positively impacted by and the events that are made possible in part because of our contributions.

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is "How To Train Your Dragon". 

Fun Fact: I enjoy rock climbing in my free time. 

Sheena Uchino: Junior Tutoring Coordinator


Favorite CSF event: One of my favorite CSF Events to attend was Conquer Our Run, which was in fact my first opportunity to chair. This allowed me to feel more involved with my community. I was able to interact with my fellow volunteers as well as participants while helping with check-in, passing out water and medals, and cheering on the runners. Since it was a smaller event, it gave me the chance to become closer to those around me. I had much fun being able to see the great smiles on everyone's face as they accomplishedrunning across the finish line.
I am motivated as a volunteer through the smiles around me. The thought of being able to help my community through small acts in order to achieve a bigger impact in the long run keeps me going.

What Motivates You as a Volunteer? Knowing that even I, an ordinary person, can do something for the better cause and make a difference makes volunteering all the worth. 

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is anything Pixar or Wreck it Ralph.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that I spend my weekends binge watching Netflix.

Brittany Oji: Junior Tutoring Coordinator


Favorite CSF event:My favorite CSF event has to be the Anza Mother and Son Day of Fun. It was an event where we got to play a bunch of games with Anza elementary-schoolers and their moms. We got to play games with each other as well, games like: tetherball (my favorite because I am a champion at it), water pong, water bottle flipping, basketball, and more. I haven't had the opportunity to play any of these game in a very long time, so I was super happy that I got to play and teach kids how to play as well. It was also really adorable how the kids always wanted to play their moms and just watching everyone have good timewas super fun.

What Motivates You as a Volunteer?  My motivation as a volunteer definitely stems from seeing or just knowing that what I'm doing is in someway helping others. I also draw a lot of motivation from my fellow volunteers because volunteering with a group is also extremely fun.

Favorite Movie: I love a lot of movies but one of my favorites is The Fault in Our Stars.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about myself is I love making new friends.

Harshitha Gumdala: Junior Tutoring Coordinator


Favorite CSF event My favorite CSF event is Trash for Teaching because there's something new every time I go there and it's never boring.

What Motivates You as a Volunteer? Volunteering gives me an opportunity to meet and work with different kinds of people. While I'm meeting them, I'm improving my social skills (because it takes me a really long time to not be awkward with other people) and I'm also helping them with whatever they need. And it's always satisfying when they express their gratitude and thanks.

Favorite Movie: I don't watch a lot of movies but I like the Harry Potter movies because they're one of the few book adaptions that aren't disappointing.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that I have a weird preference for multiples of 3 and even numbers.

Erena Yoshida:  Junior Tutoring Coordinator


Favorite CSF Event: My favorite CSF event is the tutoring program they have. Unlike regular one time events, with tutoring you see a progression in the student you're working with. Not only that, you create a bond that is unique with every student you come across.

What Motivates You as a Volunteer? I am motivated by other people's trust. When someone trusts me to accomplish a task, I'll do it. Knowing that a person thinks I am capable of doing something is all it takes for me to accomplish it.

Favorite Movie:  I don't watch movies that often but I really liked Moana

Fun Fact: When I took my first driving test, there was a dead cat on the course. I didn't pass.

Jinny Kim: Membership Coordinator


Favorite CSF Event: My favorite CSF event is the Lovejoy Foundation because I love animals and it was fun getting to walk each of the dogs and interact with them.

What Motivates You as a Volunteer? When I see others working hard during an event or we know that we have a set goal we want to accomplish, it motivates me to work hard as well. 

Favorite Movie:  My favorite movie is Get Out. 

Fun Fact: I have a strong passion for watermelons.

Marie Shimizu: Technology Coordinator 


Favorite CSF event: My favorite CSF event is the Anza Carnival. The event is a carnival held at Anza Elementary School which features fun games, entertainment, and food! Everything is so lively and exciting as you get to volunteer at several booths and interact with kids. Its so rewarding when you see everyone having a good time. 

What Motivates You as a Volunteer? Knowing that I could help and impact the community motivates me as a volunteer. Each and every hour that CSF members volunteer is a big step towards improving our community and just by seeing our hardworking volunteer motivates me to work even harder and achieve big things as a group!

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie would either be Up or WALL-E. 

Fun Fact:  Every year my cross country team and I head over to Big Bear for running camp. At the end of the week, there's a 16 mile run around Big Bear that everyone looks forward to. But somehow I have a cross country curse that makes me get injured every year. PS: It's been two years in a row that I sprained my left ankle. 

Omar Rashad: Spirit Publicist 


Favorite CSF event:  My favorite part of CSF has been the volunteer program. Through it, you get to be matched with an elementary/middle school student. I've tutored students since freshman year, and because I'm sort of like a tiger tutor, I end up really pushing my tutees to get better grades. At the same time, you get to have a lot of fun with kids and play instructional games to realign their focus on school and make them have better school habits. I almost always end up enjoying my time with tutees and you get to form some really meaningful mentor-like relationships with kids who could be putting a little more into school. It's always fulfilling to see it all pay off and for their grades to go up as a result. In the end, it's always the small moments that makes tutoring worth it. 

What Motivates You as a Volunteer? My motivation stems from seeing things in the community that could be better. I might not know how to specifically help every single group or cause, but one thing that every single movement needs is for their work to be publicized and for the public to be receptive to the different issues they tackle. It's through proper circulation that we can identify the many issues within our communities so that we can fix them and begin to fixate our attention of the positives we've cultivated. 

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie has to be "Nightcrawler" starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The film covers an untrustworthy multimedia journalist who forfeits his own journalistic integrity in order to capture the most sensational crime scene footage possible. He sells the footage to a local tv news station and it's simply amazing to see how he gets away with it all. When his true colors reveal how dependent he is on capturing heart-breaking footage, the viewer really gets a feel for his sociopathic tendencies. The movie, overall, is extremely fast paced and is an incredible spectacle.

Fun Fact:  I am a high school journalist for LA Times HS Insider. You can check me out right here! I have covered a wide array of topics from sports to local nonprofit organizations and even political issues. It's a great opportunity to be a journalist, especially during the turbulent times we live in today, because there's something really unique and impactful about telling other people's stories. With everything going on, being able to put out work and seal it with your name in every byline makes being a journalist every bit more honorable and rewarding.