How Do I Apply For Membership?

More than 350 students became CSF members last spring. Print and fill out an application today and qualify to become a member of the biggest volunteer club on West High.

Membership period ends on Friday, 09/29!

  1. Fill out the application, participation AND tutoring forms COMPLETELY.  All forms are REQUIRED, including the tutoring form in this packet. DO NOT SUBMIT AN APPLICATION THAT DOES NOT TOTAL 10 POINTS! Remember: the participation form requires a PARENT SIGNATURE!

  2. If possible, make a clear copy of your last semester’s report card (transcripts or ParentConnect/Power School printouts are NOT accepted) to include with the application. (Do not submit the original report card.) If any grades were changed by teachers, you must submit a copy of the grade change form. By including the report card, you will earn 2 points toward active membership. You may still apply without the report card.

  3.  Click “Pay for Membership” below and you will be directed to the West High webstore where you will pay $10.59 for membership. Please print the confirmation email you receive after you pay and include it with the rest of the app.                                          NOTE: You must register to make an account, with your first and last name. ADD A "0" at the end of your ID number when you register (ex. 12345670). After your account is made, search for Clubs tab and click to purchase CSF Membership.

  4.  Staple ALL items (application, participation form, tutoring form, report card, and confirmation email). DO NOT PUT APPLICATION IN AN ENVELOPE. PLACE STAPLED APPLICATION IN THE BOX IN ROOM 5221.

The deadline to turn in applications is Friday, September 29 by 3:15PM. NO APPLICATIONS CAN BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT TIME AND YOU MAY NOT APPLY LATER FOR FALL 2017 CSF MEMBERSHIP.

*If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Hecht (Room 5221) or Mr. Tubic (Room 3102). Or contact Brandon Irie (President) through text at (310) 528-0660.*